Thanksgiving in NYC!


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We had a GREAT time this past week, spending the holiday in New York City. Thanks to the realtor for which Emily works as a nanny for his daughter, we were able to get a one-bedroom flat on the upper East Side (63rd & Lexington) for the week. It was small, but bigger than a hotel room, newly remodeled with a full kitchen.

We (Laura, Elliott and I) flew to NYC and enjoyed every minute of the non-stop “touristy” types of things we did. The photo here was taken at about 7AM the morning of the Macy’s Parade. We staked out this spot early enough to get a “front-row” view of the parade as it passed us at 67th & Central Park West. What an AWESOME way to kick off Thanksgiving!

Later after the parade, we walked through Central Park enjoying the crisp, cool fall weather in the city. After brunch at an fabulous French bakery next door to our flat, we rested a bit during the afternoon. That evening, we taxied over to Bistro Deseret for a wonderful 4-course Thanksgiving dinner. After dinner we went to Times Square to take in the sights and sounds of the bustling city.

During the days before Thursday’s turkey day, we crammed a lot into the hours – ferry over to Staten Island (right past the Statue of Liberty), lots of window-shopping and gawking at the windows at Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, etc., watched the balloons being blown up the night before the parade, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (awesome!), and ate a lot of great food (NO chain restaurant food!).

We were blessed to spend 5 days with Emily and enjoy a bountiful time together in NYC. We pray that your Thanksgiving was filled with enjoyable times with your families as well.

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