The Next Journey

In October of 2010 the Lord impressed upon me the need to record an EP of intimate worship songs. Working with my good friend and producer, Nick Coetzee, we started working on song selection and arrangement. I really had no idea what direction the project would take. However, something inside my deepest core was telling me it had to be “heart-related.” God was preparing me for a journey.

As Nick and I were praying about the recording, songs would come to us and the project began to take shape. Of the 5 songs on the EP, I knew the title of the project needed to be “The Heart of the King” – having no idea that my journey would take me where it has these past 5 years. On August 21, 2015 I had open heart surgery. My cardiovascular surgeon’s hands were guided by The Great Physician as he literally put my heart back together. And most importantly, during this journey, God my Healer showed me the importance of having the heart of THE King Himself.

Now that I am on the other side of a six-year journey that brought physical, medical and spiritual challenges I believe God is leading me to return to the studio to record “Songs For The Journey” that encourages those in pain, those whose faith has been challenged, and most importantly will include songs that exalt and worship the Giver of Life. Won’t you join me on this celebration of the journey?

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