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To contact me or my company, please email me at any of the addresses below:

Our office is located in Jacksonville, FL. You can reach me at the TMA office – 904.745.9151.


  1. Stewart Jones

    Who is / are the organisation behind the Mwanda Children’s Choir? Their performances went down extremely well in Northern Ireland, but when it comes to the web, the only reference I could find was your own blog.

  2. Sarah Eunice

    Good Afternoon! My name is Sarah Eunice and I am with the music group WHOSOEVER. If you get a chance please check out our website

  3. JohnSteven Jones


    My name is JohnSteven Jones. I am a Soul/R&B Gospel singer/songwriter seeking representation.

    Is this something you’d be interested in working with?


    JohnSteven Jones

  4. Gary Stripling (Post author)

    Mr. Jones – please complete our Contact Form located at Once I receive that from you I will send you information about our artist management services. We are currently expanding our roster and would love the opportunity to get to know you better.

    Gary Stripling, President
    The Management Agency (TMA)

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